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  1. We here in the Hoosier State have never particularly been out ahead of the wave in anything. We're kind of a cautions follower of a state. Anyway, warnings heeded. Most people at the building department here just want you to GTFO of the office so they can continue doing whatever else they do rather than help customers--obviously not update the codes. So I am always hesitant to go in there until I have a very clear idea of what I'm asking them, which usually means doing a bunch of design work first. I find that nothing having specific questions for them just makes them angry and then me fee
  2. Thanks for the replies. I have received a zoning variance for the structure. That means that it has NOT been "rezoned" as commercial, but an exception for my use has been granted (at great expense and almost 8 month battle. If I'd known going into it what I was getting into I would have thought of something else to do with my time, but that's a whole different story...) I am going to go to the local code department, for sure. My understanding, after talking to them last time about window requirements, is that this is not a commercial building and it is subject to IRC 2003. However, I am mi
  3. I am working on plans for my new garage/workshop/office building. It is a two story house that I am renovating. The front area, first floor, is going to be a two car garage on slab. The back area, first floor is going to be a workshop (woodshop). The second story is going to be two offices and a bathroom. I would like there to be a big barn-style door (cheap and relatively easy to make, looks cool) between the woodshop and garage. However, I don't know how IRC 2003 applies to this specifically in regards to fire rating. A barn style door wouldn't exactly be fire rated. The woodshop and of
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