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  1. Great advice and responses. When the instructor mentioned this, it didn't sound exactly right to me. A little common sense entered into my thought process. I'd rather submit the best possible report I can and take a little more time, rather than try to rush just for the sake of getting it to them on site.
  2. Hello Guys. Glad I found this forum. Seems to be a lot of useful info on here. I'm in the process of training and I'm very excited to be entering this field. The course that I'm currently taking suggests that the Inspection Report should be given to the buyer "on site." Since I'm a newbie and you guys have forgotten more about this business than I know at this point, I'd like to get some opinions on this. Wouldn't it be best to check and double check everything after you leave the inspection to tweak the report if needed? I saw a thread with a similar discussion, but it was a little old and I didn't know if maybe some opinions might have changed.
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