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  1. I get really great reviews from customers and I take it oddly personally when I don't get 10/10 or 5/5. I want customers to to feel great about their decision to use me and tell friends and family, and yes, strangers on facebook. So... out of the blue I get 3 random reviews. 1 star. No comments. Nothing. I panic and scroll through my inspection logs and contact information for these 3 unhappy campers to see what was up. Huh? They are from Seattle, and California. They don't know me from Adam, because I sure don't know them. Checked facebook for a remedy to dispute fake reviews and well... they have nothing (Not surprised, I'm still waiting for the DISLIKE button) . Then I tried contacting the posters thinking they may have my awesome inspection company, Sage Inspections, confused with a local plant store or something, but I can't message them because we are not "facebook friends". I looked a bit harder and concluded these folks don't actually exist. So a day or two later I start getting multiple email offers to "repair" my internet reputation. Hmmmm.... for a small fee bad reviews can be removed and replaced with good ones. I deleted them as spam before the lightbulb in my head went off at how convenient and coincidental the timing was. I don't have a great solution, but learned you CAN disable all ratings on facebook. It's kind of a drag since I had some nice words and great ratings from good people, but I cut and pasted those to my website and I have great ratings elsewhere for those that are doing some due diligence. So, if you find yourself needing to kiss facebook's ratings goodbye until there's a mechanism to dispute opportunistic extortionists here ya go. [utube] " type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="344"> They hid the setting in the address section. The downside is it also disables you showing up on a facebook map, but who wants people coming to MY house? I'm going to theirs.
  2. Thanks guys. Every day I see something new. If not, I'm not looking hard enough.
  3. Customer said he thinks his well is a "shared well", and this weird red gizmo is attached from the breakers back to the neutral bus. What the what? Anyone seen one of these before? My guess is that maybe it is used to sense when the neighbor is powering the well and prevents simultaneous voltage supply? I have no other idea unless it's an early version of GFCI protection? It's in a Federal Pacific box as a bonus Click to Enlarge 52.92 KB
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