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  1. Thanks for the idea. Seems like that would work but would be a pretty expensive solution, no? Flat roof would need to slope to the drain inlet. If the house needed an entirely new roof that might be the way to go, but it doesn't. It needs to not leak at the transition. Looks good as-is too.
  2. Hey all, Some have likely seen the news coming out of Boulder, CO area. I've got a house that had the top 6' simply lopped off of the design to meet height limits. Dead flat EPDM sheet over OSB was used to seal the cut. Transition to asphalt shingle at approx. 30 degree slope. The transition seam (maybe 50 linear feet worth) is obviously a major leak source, especially under current conditions. House is a decade old. So, my question is how, if at all, is the way to build that EPDM to composition transition right? Checked out some of the documentation at Firestone site but could not find a
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