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  1. Andrea, The first thing to do is figure out why the receptacles have stopped working. If the receptacles themselves are bad or if the wiring at the back of the receptacles is bad, then there are probably other locations in the house where this is happening - or about to happen. Figure out the problem and then be sure to address all of the places that are likely to be affected. The National Electrical Code gives you several choices of what to do with the non-working receptacles. You can replace the ungrounded receptacles with new ungrounded receptacles. This is fine for places whe
  2. They did that, and also added 4 gfci outlets above the kitchen counter before we bought the house. Then my father in law added wiring for a dishwasher. Which may or may not be jerry rigged. That's about it for updated wiring.
  3. Yes, I do Click to Enlarge 51.35 KB Click to Enlarge 49.63 KB
  4. Yes and yes, right after I blow dry my hair...in the shower.
  5. Posted that last one too soon. Yes, the basement is exposed, and at the very least, I would like to upgrade a couple of the first floor rooms. The kitchen will under go a small remodel this spring, I'll plan to do the upgrades when we have the old cupboards out.
  6. "One of the biggest mistakes many restorers make is to try to replace every piece of old wiring in the system, says Michael Hedrick of Historic Electric Preservation in Fredericksburg, Virginia. “Most efforts tend to be heavy-handed and replace more than what is truly necessary to an older system. Many parts of an older wiring system, if they have been undisturbed, are still quite usable and reasonably safe,â€
  7. Surface wiring or ruined walls, is this an either or situation? If that is the case, I'll stick with k&t
  8. Good point about the surge protectors being useless, didn't even think about that before. Our two main reasons for not upgrading the wiring are cost and wanting to keep the old plaster walls. Is there a way to run new wiring without damaging the walls (much) to the second floor?
  9. We have a few outlets that stopped working and my husband wants to put a grounded outlet in. I have read that you should only have ungrounded outlets with knob and tube, is that accurate?
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