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  1. Marc, yes you are right. My post was inspired by my $425.00 utiliity bill for 33 days. For an 1800 square foot warehouse, that seemed excessive. The only power I used was my 5 hours of lighting (2100 watts total), and the 12.8 Amp Furnace running constantly. Because electricity and heat cost different amounts in different parts of the country, I chose to post the Therms and kWh's, rather than what my utility company charges for those. I wanted to see if 303 therms for 33 days was a lot and 970 kWh was a lot. And by "a lot" I mean is that even possible. I remember a few years ago when I called
  2. Thank you all so much for answering! The brick building is a warehouse I'm renting, and I totally understand/realize that it has no insulation (you can see the outside light coming in through the mortar of the brick LOL). Because it is so cold outside (25 degrees average), it does not matter whether I set the thermostat at 60, 68, 70 or even 50 -- as soon as my 80000 BTU furnace brings the temperature up to the thermostat setting, the heat just "flys out the window" so to speak, and has to start right back up again. Regardless of these inherent (and fixable) problems, I guess my question w
  3. My electric and gas bill seemed high ($427 for 33 days). The average temperature here is 27 degrees and in 33 days I used 303 therms (Natural Gas) and 970 kWh (Electricity). Does that seem high? Obviously, the specs are all important. Here they are: 1.) Building size: 1827 square feet 2.) Building type: all brick, with insulation in ceiling and east/west walls (north and south walls just brick, no insulation. 3.) This is the only power I use: a.) 28 75-watt fluorescents, running 5 hours a day. b.) One 9-amp Single-stage 80-AFUE furnace (4 vents blowing out air, one big intake ven
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