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  1. Where would I check for that possible wire? turn off all the breakers, pull out the outlet and then most likely pull out the outlet box and it it would somewhere in that vicinity? Also thank you all for clarifying the situation surrounding two prong outlets. thank you, ~v
  2. Sorry must of worded that wrong. The Home Inspector simply advised me on conditions of the outlets and things that could be done to bring the electrical system up to code. The really big question I have is what gain will a grounded 3 prong outlet bring to a device that was only designed to be a two prong connection, if any? I know my computers will require 3 prong outlets and I will be looking into getting at least a couple properly grounded outlets for the time being. Thank you, ~v
  3. Hi, What are the benefits/up sides of having a grounded 3 prong wall plug, specifically for 2 prong devices? I understand a 3 prong device benefits greatly from having the ground however my question is specifically pertaining to plugging a 2 prong device into either a 2 prong outlet OR an non-GFCI 3 prong outlet that has not been grounded. I am wondering if my newer speakers (a wireless speaker set) or my laptop computer with its 2 prong cable will be okay to plug into a home I am purchasing or if I should absolutely not plug the speakers (or anything i value) into a 2 prong outlet/3pr
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