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  1. Thanks for all the inputs. I followed Marc's suggestion and just changed the dimmer and it works perfectly so far!
  2. Hello all members, New to this forum. I would like know how to change a traditional ON/OFF switch to a dimmer light switch. The light switch is NOT a 3-way, and is the only switch in the bedroom that can turn the light on/off. Here are the details with pics: 1) There are three white wires, and are all connected to one single marrettes (Picture 1) 2) There are also 3 black wires, two on top (left corner and right corner), and one at the lower right corner 3) there are two green screw on the inside of the box Click to Enlarge 93.84 KB 3) Of the three black wires, the top left corner one is twisted like a hook and screwed into the old light switch on the side. It is NOT screwed to the green screw. The other two wires go directly into the switch (Picture 2) Click to Enlarge 68.87 KB 4) The new dimmer is Lutron brand, and has two black wires and one green wire. From what I read, the green is the ground, but there is no ground wires (or a wire currently screwed to the green screw) in the old switch. (Picture 3) Click to Enlarge 34.53 KB Can some experts maybe shed some lights as to how can I wire this myself? Thanks!
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