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  1. More Getting Started information requests. I have been contacted by an organization called Home Adviser. They offer to supply me with home inspection leads for a monthly fee and a fee for each lead. Does anyone have experience with them? Are they reputable? I currently have zero leads coming in. Thank you. Craig
  2. Anyone ever run into saw dust insulation in a 1840 era home? My friend is asking if it will be a major drawback when he tries to sell his home soon to downsize. I have not seen the material but he says it is in excellent condition, not decaying and dry. My thinking is he will need to find a buyer that is drawn to historically significant houses and has an appreciation for that sort of thing. That type of buyer may be rare, not sure. What do you think?
  3. To all that answered my request for advice. Thank you! Much of what was stated I am already doing but evidently I need to continue and increase my frequency. The numerous comments about my web page are revealing to me that the site is not nearly as good as I had thought. I am working another part time job to get by until home inspection picks up and I do not have a lot of cash to put into advertising. Thanks for all your comments. I will implement them and come back to this forum in a few weeks. CM
  4. I am a new Home Inspector in Ohio trying to get a start. I have passed the National Home Inspector Examination, taken an online training course and have years of experience inspecting government buildings. I have a website and have visited many realty offices promoting my business and I advertise on Craigslist. Nothing is working. How did some of you get started and convince realtors to start putting your name in front of buyers as a possible choice? Any info would be appreciated. Thank you.
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