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  1. I can bring the pieces of the ceiling to a mold inspector. But I rather get over with the whole situation, the landlord is just escalating it. They invaded our privacy by entering our home without any notice, which is against the law, just to be able to remove the pieces off the ceiling (thats on the pictures). I later found the pieces in the trash outside. They also accused us for having a waterbed, which is something we absolutely don't have. It's really weird since the on site manager must've came in and have looked through all of our stuff. For the person saying we're annoying ten
  2. Hi there. Me and my wife moved into a new apartment about 1.5 weeks ago. And after only a couple of days i started to have rashes on my face, which has never happened ever in my life. We reported this instantly to the management company and I told them that there might be mold present. He respond with saying that i'm just probably reacting to our sheets or laundry detergent, (We've been using the same detergent for over a year). I bought a home mold test kit from Home depot which turned positive withing 24 hours after sampling the air from the central AC, and I also have these picture
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