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  1. Good luck Toby... Building great software for this industry is tough... Be strong and don't quit...
  2. Just search 'home inspect' in Apple's App Store or Google search 'ipad home inspection'. You'll see what's best.
  3. You mean Chromebook right? Google has been working on their own OS for over two years now...
  4. Mac's Time Machine works great. I wish Windows Backup was as simple...
  5. Hey Jim, Thanks for the tip. This is a very good idea, and if it happens to come to life in Spectacular and is successful, I will pay you. You have my word... But yes, in order to get to a level where ideas like this makes sense, Spectacular has to do the basics first and do them very well. That's the stage that it's at now, and we're just about to turn the corner into innovation and new concepts. It'll happen...
  6. Hey John, Yes, you have the option of applying a saved comment or typing in a comment to describe issues. The iPad has a full keyboard so you'd use both hands or just speak to text with the voice recognition.
  7. Ease up. He took a bunch of shit, and he's still here asking questions. No worries... I can take it. I try to find the construction out of the criticism. Granted you guys are a bit harsh, but once you get passed that, there's some good information and ideas here. Like I said earlier, I've been coming here all year long to learn, so please keep the dialog going even if your style is to communicate bluntly...
  8. Got it... Thanks for the detailed answer. Do you have a sample report posted somewhere?
  9. Nice report Marc! That must've took many hours to do in Word. That report could've been done in Spectacular including pictures with the comments and edited photos. Spectacular has a built-in photo editor. Also, the report could've been built in a fraction of the time than doing it in Word. Word is general-purpose, so by nature it would take lots more time than a home inspection app tailored for that purpose. Again, I'm not selling you, I'm just telling you.
  10. Kurt, In your opinion, which software system has the best report?
  11. No Jim, I'm not paying you. Especially after you insulted the sample report. You must distinguish between the comments in the report and the report structure and layout. The inspector can write and modify comments for any item in the report. The software provides the structure. It seems you have a problem with the verbiage the inspector used in the sample. Spectacular does provide some comments out-of-the-box, but it's definitely up to the inspector using the app to make sure what's added to the report is satisfactory in his/her eye.
  12. Hey Bill, I respectfully must disagree. After you've added the comments, disclaimers and conditions, I would hope you'd want to present them in a easily readable format. It's the agents and clients that must read the thing. Why not make it easy for them. That's what Spectacular aims to do. Present your comments and photos in an easy to follow format.
  13. ahhh, So you don't like the inspectors' comments. Got it.. All the boilerplate is 100% modifiable. You can definitely bring in any comment library you choose. Even if you've used your set of comments for 20+ years in Word. At this stage in the game, Spectacular just wants to do what all the other home inspector programs do, but much better and much more gracefully. Next year, we will innovate. Lots of fresh new ideas you've never seen or heard of are coming...
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