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  1. The garbage disposal gets so hot that they have a NAPA radiator hose hooked up with 90 mile an hour duct tape. Click to Enlarge 42.02 KB [:-monkeyd [:-wiltel]
  2. I was inspecting a 1960's duplex, The property manager stated that they had some water that had run down the service mast but they had repaired it with no additional problems. Click to Enlarge 81.86 KB Click to Enlarge 73.64 KB I think it looks like they came from the Titanic.
  3. Check out where someone cut off the elbow for the intake valve for the furnace in the crawlspace. Previously it was vented five to the exterior. Allowable ever.??? Click to Enlarge 37.42 KB
  4. Any ideas as to why this is happening? This has only happened (a few times) when I'm checking the outlets in shops. When inserting the big tester into an outlet I get a bad ground reading. If I double check it with a smaller tester it shows the same outlet to be wired properly. Click to Enlarge 24.36 KB Click to Enlarge 24.94 KB [:-magnify [:-monkeyd
  5. What advise do you give to your client on reducing the moisture in the attic?
  6. I found microbial growths in a vented attic. The house was 21 years old, original roof. The venting appeared to be properly installed. The ridge vents had wide gaps at the top. The enclosed soffits were not blocked with insulation, but there was microbial growths on the sheathing. Normally its caused from lack of or blocked vents. Any suggestions. Click to Enlarge 52.57 KB Click to Enlarge 60.33 KB Click to Enlarge 57.73 KB Click to Enlarge 61.53 KB Click to Enlarge 38.4 KB
  7. Really old panel 9/21/1956. They rewired the outdoor box but some left the wires in the panel hot. Click to Enlarge 36.78 KB Click to Enlarge 53.78 KB Click to Enlarge 58.75 KB Click to Enlarge 52.34 KB [:-censore
  8. I came across this old Collins water heater that was working but had a small leak. Incredible Click to Enlarge 35.34 KB Click to Enlarge 30.98 KB Click to Enlarge 53.11 KB [:-monkeyd
  9. Looks like they know that they have a PROBLEM. Click to Enlarge 27.74 KB Click to Enlarge 30.34 KB [:-monkeyd
  10. I came across this black short pipe in the crawl space. It was located near the access door away from any plumbing pipe. Possible future Radon system?? Click to Enlarge 45.38 KB Click to Enlarge 46.66 KB Click to Enlarge 42.86 KB [:-bigeyes [:-alien]
  11. With some routine monitoring and shimming I think the deck will make it. Click to Enlarge 66.91 KB Click to Enlarge 63.38 KB Click to Enlarge 56.11 KB [:-thumbu]
  12. Is there a guidelines for log floor joist in the basement. Its been there 100 years so far. Click to Enlarge 51 KB Click to Enlarge 59.18 KB [:-thumbu] Click to Enlarge 55.06 KB
  13. Maybe not recalled but other evidence of "safety issues", The electricians that I have spoke to almost always change them out.
  14. I was inspecting a condo unit. I came across a Federal Pacific Electric with "Stab-Lok" circuit breakers. The panel was clean as a whistle. The condo was 34 years old. Are all Federal Pacific Electric recalled. I'm sure this unit has been inspected before. Would the condo association ever have all the panels changed out? I recommended that it be evaluated by a electrician. Click to Enlarge 41.25 KB Click to Enlarge 58.99 KB Click to Enlarge 61.42 KB
  15. Check out the handyman approved curtain rod hanger for the galvanized line. [:-bigeyes [:-monkeyd Click to Enlarge 47.61 KB Click to Enlarge 41.74 KB
  16. You know your getting old when you tell the clients the the Montgomery Wards Hot water tank is old. They look at you like they have never heard of Montgomery wards. OMG I'm not even 50 yet. Click to Enlarge 35.91 KB [:-weepn]
  17. Check out the double taps at the main on this 70's house. SAFETY first. [:-magnify Click to Enlarge 36.88 KB Click to Enlarge 33.61 KB Click to Enlarge 33.07 KB
  18. Check out the wood behind the stove used to prevent grease fires. Should that be Treated or untreated wood. [:-thumbu] [:-thumbd] Click to Enlarge 32.1 KB Click to Enlarge 58.89 KB
  19. The service conductor wires appeared to be rated for less amperage than other service components. This can result in the service conductor wires being overloaded. This is a potential fire hazard. Recommend that a qualified electrician repair/replace. I wrote the the service pole needed to be replaced.
  20. I did tell the client that the whole panel and the pole that it was attached too needed to be replaced. The wiring going to the garage that had even more problems. The panel in the trailer had some double taps. It was all a HOT mess. [:-thumbd][:-thumbd][:-thumbd]
  21. Check out the old screw-in fuses on this Trailer inspection. The double tap in the center for the outdoor panel on the center bar looks like it needs a qualified electrician to evaluate and replace. Concern type Safety Poses a safety hazard Click to Enlarge 44.43 KB Click to Enlarge 50.11 KB Click to Enlarge 45.87 KB Click to Enlarge 36.03 KB [:-thumbd][:-thumbd][:-thumbd]
  22. Check out the water line to the toilet. I recommended that it be replaced. [:-bigeyes Click to Enlarge 24.82 KB
  23. I have been a Home Inspector for two years. I have seen a few Zinsco panels but not one like this. It's from a friends house that sold recently. I had a few concerns about the panel and wanted to get some input from some Inspectors. I see some double taps with service conductors. double taps on some breakers. Click to Enlarge 42.26 KB Click to Enlarge 39.07 KB Click to Enlarge 28 KB Click to Enlarge 46.92 KB Click to Enlarge 51.4 KB
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