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  1. Thank you all so much for your help! I greatly appreciate it. Does Mike happen to have any contact info you would be interested in sharing? Also, would y'all mind if I take a look at your sites to get some ideas? Again, THANK YOU! [:-angel] Y'all are a huge help.
  2. You bet. Mike takes care of the fundamentals, fixes everything and keeps it modern. I use my understanding of WP to update the content. Works beautifully. Marc
  3. Hi everyone, We will be launching our home inspection business in about four months and I am doing some research on the different things we should be doing to get up and hit the ground running. Particularly, I'm trying to figure out if we should build our own site or have someone do it for us. If I build myself, what platform should I use? If I have it built, does anyone have some suggestions on who to use? Thanks for your advice in advance. Desirae
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