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  1. I would like to start offering my inspection services to home owners that are wanting to sell their home. Does anyone else do this? My thought is that I dont need to write a report for them...Be more like a consultant. I dont think I would need to charge as much, as I am not providing a report. That being said... A report might still be necessary or a good idea. Do I need a contract? Anyone have any experience with this?
  2. Ok. I'm going to pass of this job. It sounded easy and quick at first but your experience speaks loud. Here is what they are asking for. "Please provide a gas line inspection line item estimate for the entire property with "before" photos for all identified issues. inspector must assess the safe working conditions of all interior and exterior gas systems and provide a list of all gas appliances.
  3. You are correct. The bank is requesting this information from my client.
  4. The reason I was asking is because I'm new to the inspection world. I need to take every opportunity to"get my feet wet" This is a visual inspection. They know that I will not turn the gas on nor will I do an air test. I have been very upfront with what I will and will not inspect. I plan to send my preinspection agreement with a rider attached to it first thing tomorrow unless a wise experienced home inspector would tell me not to take the job.
  5. I have an out of town client (A property preservation specialist company) that wants me to inspect only the gas lines and components attached to the gas. This is a foreclosure bank owned property. Any suggestions on how to handle this? Im adding a rider to my pre inspection contract to include an option to only inspect gas. Im assuming that the gas will be shut off. Any suggestions on what I might find or should be on the look out for? Thanks
  6. Ok great! Im still learning my way around.
  7. How and when does everyone write their reports? Do you create it as you go on a tablet, phone or paper? Do you inspect, take pictures of a system then stop and update your report. Do you inspect, take pictures and create report at home? Do you leave the report with your client before you leave the home. Do you email it. Do you deliver a hard copy? Thanks
  8. Took a 120 hour class Read four HI books that I found on amazon. Took every pre-test I could. Scheduled the exam and showed up 45 minute early only to be turned away because their server was down. [:-weepn] Any thing else I can study? This does give me the opportunity to shadow a local HI.
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