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  1. Help! I recently bought a home. I had an inspection done. Five days after I moved in, I notice water filtrating into the master bedroom. I called my realtor who told me to call the warranty company and to monitor the source of the water...rain, irrigation, a faucet outside the wall where water was coming in. I follow his advice. I also, called the inspector. He told me; he did not see any water in the master bedroom at the time he inspected the house. The warranty company sent in a plumber who diagnosed a "none plumbing issue" and that fixing would not be covered by the warranty. Since I didn't hear from my realtors, I called the sellers realtor. He told me would speak with my realtor and get back to me. I had not hear from either for over a month regardless my numerous calls. The warranty company will not cover the fixing...any advice of who should pay for this problem???
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