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  1. Hi all, I'm happy to report that, within a few minutes, I finally found the hidden GFCI outlet using "Extech TG20 Wire Tracer/Tone Generator" I just bought from amazon. It is indeed in the garage. In fact just on the other side of the door where one of the not-working outlet is, behind the shoe rack covered by one of the shoes. I looked at that place many times but didn't see it. This Extech TG20 is a great tool. Very easy to use. Here is what I did. Connect the red alligator clip to the power wire of this not-working outlet and the other alligator clip to its case (ground), tune it on to Tone. Then turn on the receiver and move around. You will hear the tone when the wire is within a foot (maybe two) range, and it become louder when it gets closer to the wire. It's only $25 on amazon. Highly recommend this product. Another surprising thing I found is that those outlets are sharing the same breaker with the washer. Now, I am hoping I can using this Extech GT20 to figure out what the three unidentified breakers for. Thank you all very much for help!
  2. Okay, thanks! I just ordered "Extech TG20 Wire Tracer/Tone Generator" from amazon and it will come in two days. I'll see what it can do before calling an electrician.
  3. It looks it's the case as you described. The two outlets on GFCI are within 6' of sink, the third one that is not on GFCI is about 7' away. Those three are all above counter top. Actually, there is another one outside the kitchen area on its wall (next to breakfast area) also on this same breaker circuit, but not connected to GFCI.
  4. Thanks, Marc, for detailed instruction. I looked everything around the kitchen, but couldn't find the second GFCI outlet. I did find something very puzzling to me. On counter top there are three outlets including one actual GFCI. One other outlet is connected to this GFCI, while the third one is by itself, but all three are connected to the same breaker. You ask me "to cycle that breaker off and on and see if that restores power to the receptacles on that breaker", but I turned all breakers on/off several times in past few days, and just tried again, but still no power. How do I find "head of the electrician that wired the house"?
  5. Hi all: A couple of weeks ago I powerwashed my patio and accidentally sprayed some water to the outlet where my powerwasher is plugged in, and it stopped immediately. It must be tripped a GFCI, but I can't find it. As a result, 5 outlets are dead (all used to be working), one in backyard, one in front porch, one in restroom of the first floor, one in hallway to garage (where washer/dryer are), and one in garage. I have been crazily looking for this hidden GFCI, but no luck so far. I read many internet posts related to this problem. Logically, the "hidden" GFCI should either be in first floor restroom or in garage. I moved everything in garage, and also looked at the heater room. I also mapped all the breakers to the lights and outlets in the house. Unfortunately, I couldn't identify three breakers. One of them must be my dead line. This house was built in 1988, and I moved in 10 years ago. This is the first time I got a GFCI tripped. There are three GFCI outlets in house, one in kitchen, one in kids rest room, and one for master rest room. All breakers are simple breakers (no GFCI buttons), and work fine based on multi meter. This old house has weird wiring, e.g. the outlet in the balcony of the master bedroom is connected to the GFCI outlet in kids restroom, instead of master restroom right next to it. Which kind of tool is there to locate a hidden GFCI? If I can't really find the hidden GFCI, is there a way to work around it? Is it possible to rewire one of the outlet and then make all 5 outlets in this circuit work again? Update on Jun. 27, 2016: Thank you all very much for your responses. This is a two-story house. I have a small kitchen (no island) and I only find one GFCI there (must be two?). The outlet that got water-sprayed on is the far-most one from the breaker panel. The closest outlet (that stops working) is in the garage about 40 ft away from the breaker (on opposite site walls of the three car garage). As I found out, everything (except this outlet) around the garage (garage door controller, lights inside and outside of garage and even in attic, even the sprinkle system) are connected by the same breaker. This is the only outlet in garage wall I can find (strange because I really need more). There are a couple outlets on garage roof which provide power for two garage door openers (and I have to get extension from there). There are two breaker boxes. I was puzzled by the inaccurate or wrong labels because I did see "GFI" on panel 2 diagram, but don't know what it means. I'm loading up some photos of it. Anybody can decipher it? I'm also uploading the new map of the breakers based on my effort. Note that there are three breakers I couldn't identify. Click to Enlarge 91.2 KB Click to Enlarge 110.01 KB Click to Enlarge 93.83 KB Click to Enlarge 61.78 KB Click to Enlarge 208.32 KB
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