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  1. Hello My wife and I recently purchased a home.......originally built in 1950's and remodeled in early 1990's. Half of the home is on crawl space and newer areas on slab. Two HVAC units service the house. My understanding is the older part of the house has metal ducts and the newer portion has flexible duct work. The day we closed on the house we noticed a fairly strong chemical smell (bleach/chlorine like) in the house but chalked it up to the house being closed up. its been 60 days since we closed and while i believe the smell is marginally better it is still lingering. so much so that you can smell it in your clothes after spending some time in the house. We've had multiple professionals (including certified Indoor Air expert) look at the house and all are stumped. You can actually smell the bleach like smell at the front door before you enter the house and it's particularly strong in the foyer as you enter through the front door. Here is what we know at this point...... 1) One of the air handlers has a freon leak........we had more freon inserted and seems to be operating ok this point. 2) We've spoken to the prior owner and she claims she never used bleach to clean out the drain lines on the HVAC units (who know if she is being truthful). I know one of the drain lines is working ok.....attempting to find the other one to make sure that one is draining ok as well. 3) We had all the air ducts cleaned by a professional service 4) The smell does not appear to be emanating from the crawl space (we've had it inspected) 5) I've read articles about sewer gas smell but this is not a rotten egg smell ---- it smells very much like chlorine or bleach 6) We've cleaned the house with a light vinegar & water solution and aired it out with industrial fans........the smell continues. Any thoughts on if the HVAC units or what else could be causing this? It's strongest in the foyer area but seems to be prevalent throughout the house. We're really frustrated and want to figure this out before moving into the home in the next 30 days. Grateful for any thoughts, ideas or next steps......
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