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  1. Thanks for the replies. The dryer is electric. The white residue looks like dried white salt debris, like what you carry onto your floors in the winter time when there is ice melt/salt on sidewalks. Just a thin white dried residue that looks like mineral/salt deposits. Nothing is wet. Sometimes I see a slightly damp patch right under the dryer, but now that I've left the doors open to that closet, the floor looks dry. Behind the washer/dryer, the water valves and drainage look clean and perfectly intact. Under the washer is totally dry. I'm guessing since there is a little of
  2. I have noticed a small amount of white residue forming under my dryer. It seems to be coming out from under it and spreading a little in front of the door. I assume from what I have read here and elsewhere that it is just a small amount of buildup from condensation. My home is about 7 years old and the washer and dryer are working fine (dryer is very efficient and quick to dry). The washer/dryer are side-by-side in a closet where the temperatures get quite warm and humid in the summer, which is the first time I noticed this white substance. I've been cleaning it up every few weeks. My dry
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