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  1. here is a better picture. Click to Enlarge 37.45 KB
  2. had my father in law come out to fix a busted water heater and inspect with my our crawl space. Here's what it looks like. Isn't this rotted wood? Is there red flags here to watch for? Doesn't seem very supportive to me. The house is from the 80s so it seems like some DIY work was done before we got here. The bathroom floor is bulging up and he suspects possibly a footing or something is sticking up. This house is such a headache. Time to call in the pros asap I bet. Click to Enlarge 46.11 KB
  3. I know the foundation has one large crack in the back of the house. I'm going to brave it and snap a picture with my camera of the crawl space. That usually has answers as to what's going on. The kitchen downstairs has a slope with the fridge & counter space area.
  4. Hi guys! Newb here... I'm thinking about getting a career in home inspection after going through the fiasco with my place. Ever since about a year ago been noticing cracks above a couple doors, but nothing major. I thought I might get some advice on here before I go about getting something done about this. My bathroom upstairs slopes (along with the hallway with it). I opened the crawl space and found that possibly there's dry rot underneath the house? I did notice that possibly one footing is missing? The first pic attached is the floor level in the upstairs bathroom. The second pict
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