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  1. I don't think other units are using her gas because when they killed the pilot light on the hot water heater, the meter didn't move. Being 100% certain is going to be a challenge because the hot water heater and Appolo system are behind a locked door. The only thing we can think is that it has something to do with the Appolo system and that it must be using gas in the summer during cooling. no idea how that can happen though.
  2. My daughter just moved into an apartment in VA in August and her gas usage is Excessive! 122 CU from Aug 18 - Sept 16. That's more than we used in our 3000+ sqft home in February! They have gas hot water and an Appolo heating/cooling system. We just had the gas meter replaced and the hot water heater checked, and they seem fine. The gas company has verified there is no leak. Anyone have any idea if the Appolo system could be the cause? They are not running heat, just cooling, and their usage is still much higher than the surrounding units. Other units in the building are using 20-30 CU for the same time period. Something is wrong and the only thing we can come up with is the heating/cooling system is somehow using gas while it's in cooling mode. Any advice would be appreciated. We are basically trouble shooting this remotely through maintenance in a college complex. We were onsite yesterday with the gas company and the maintenance man and when we left the gas man still thought we had a problem but the maintenance man didn't.
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