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  1. Hey Jim, great question. It would depend on what you find value in. I did a quick check on rankings and citations and I have some ideas that could help, but let's chat.
  2. Hey everyone, We're looking to have a quick chat/feedback session with anyone that has owned or currently runs a multi-inspector company. We are building out features to help with business management, template changes, scheduling tools, etc. and would love to hear some pain points or things you'd love to see done better in the industry. Feel free to DM me or email, Kevin@Spectora.com.
  3. I like tiny png. Easy drag and drop and it tells you how many bytes you're saving with each one. You can drag in bulk as well.
  4. This made me chuckle, but I can appreciate the honesty! Definitely creates a challenge for modern software providers. Maybe you can teach some old dogs new tricks? [:-monkeyd
  5. I agree with Scott, write one up and be honest. Think hard about a unique subject line to catch their eye, and have a clear, concise statement about what your unique value is. It's a rule of marketing - make several positive interactions or impressions, and they just might remember you when it comes time to recommend an inspector. Earlier this year, I used a new inspector because he had a professional and clean MailChimp email that somehow caught my eye. I tried another after he followed me on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Seeing you in more places shows you're not a fly by night insp
  6. From an agent perspective (and a recent buyer), I think efforts are better spent where people spend time and connect with everything else in their lives - online. I'm curious, what are doing for SEO? And I wouldn't say "only", hundreds of buyers and agents search for home inspectors each month, and SEO is the way to be there!
  7. Wanted to weigh in being that we're the new kid on the block, but I agree with those that advise to try a few out and see what feels right for you. Each software seems to have it's loyal following, so each one isn't for everyone. Fast, non-crashing desktop and mobile apps are a plus, look for tools and features that help you run and grow your business. Customer service you'll have to get a feel for during your free trials.
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