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  1. A house I'm looking at has pretty significant wood rot on its trim and window sills. The siding, hardboard, is not sealed in many areas. House built in 1994. How likely is it that there is decay to the wood structures behind the trim and possible water infiltration and decay to the wall sheathing and wall studs below the windows sills? Attached a few pics. Thanks guys, John Click to Enlarge 60.05 KB Click to Enlarge 60.19 KB Click to Enlarge 45.89 KB Click to Enlarge 41.84 KB Click to Enlarge 50.86 KB
  2. So looking now at a house that was built in 1987 and the second floor squeaks really loudly pretty much everywhere, more than most houses this age. It's got carpet. It's on slab and the first floor does not squeak. How serious are squeaky floors from a structural standpoint? And how hard would it be to fix this on the second floor with carpet in place? I'm not an inspector, just looking at houses for myself and wanted to get your input on this as I'm sure you see it all the time. Thanks!
  3. Hello, I'm considering buying a property however just looking at it myself I noticed the kitchen floor tile has cracks all throughout the kitchen that probably run along the edges of the subflooring, it's pretty consistent throughout the whole kitchen floor. I asked about this and apparently the contractor who did the work did not install underlayment prior to laying the tile. I included some pics. Would this cause any foundational issues? Also, is it possible to redo this work without damaging the subflooring? Thanks. Click to Enlarge 42.4 KB Click to Enlarge 33.67 KB Click
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