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  1. I just realized that you are the moderator. I couldn't care less about your level of respect for me.
  2. I think Mr. Marc's opinion about real estate agents does reflect and echo the opinion that a majority, not all, people have about real estate agents. I personally think that used car salesmen and real estate agents (not all) are among the sewer scum of society. And this is not a emotional statement. Having said that, you are obviously correct. And full of profound wisdom. Not every real estate agent wants a poor inspection done. Not every real estate agent is not in the business to screw people. Brilliant.
  3. I don't have pictures or know the construction method. In fact, the seller has placed all kinds of stuff in the garage. It would be very difficult to pull out the attic ladder and look into below the roof. And my understanding is that home inspectors will not touch/move the stuff in the garage to bring down the ladder because of liability. Further, the seller has never lived there. The seller is the trustee of mom's house.
  4. I don't see how you could have put it better. I agree with you, without any reservations. I salute you for speaking your truth and I am grateful to you for speaking on behalf of the home buyer. Much obliged to you. THANK YOU.
  5. Thank you very much, sir, for the heads up regarding home inspection trade in Ohio. I knew about real estate agents in Ohio but I had no idea that State of Ohio does not regulate home inspectors. I live near Solon, Twinsburg cities in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. Lots of older homes in these cities. I see people buying older, poorly designed and homes with defects, all the time. These homes are not cheap, people get into debt to buy these homes. I wonder, what are they thinking? Its like sheep being lead by real estate agents to slaughter. The other day I heard new home buyers c
  6. The home inspector should identify whether the home has aluminum or copper wiring in the report, right?
  7. Now I know what an excellent home inspection report looks like. Thank you very much for sending me your sample home inspection report. I wish you lived in my state I would have requested you to do the home inspection.
  8. Thank you sir. That is very very helpful. Do you know any good home inspector outside my immediate area? Is there a website where I can go search and look at sample reports of home inspectors?
  9. Thank you sir. Copper wire is commonly used now, right? There was no copper wiring during the 60's and 70's?
  10. A 1969 home that I am considering putting an offer on has warped shingles and a buckled roof surface. The seller placed household items in the garage and the access to the ladder to the attic was unuseable when I viewed the home. What are the potential concerns in such an attic that I should be aware of/look for?
  11. A home I am considering buying has a roof with warped shingles and a buckled roof surface. What are the causes of the buckling?
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