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  1. Here in Texas I am seeing homes built using non-standard structures such as pole-barn construction. A new pole barn is built, metal roof installed, then a concrete floor poured & finished before the windows, doors & exterior metal are installed. The interior is then finished. I see also metal buildings (barndominiums) here. Very popular here. There are 2 new "pole barn" houses going up within a couple of miles of my house now and several metal barndo's. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  2. Are you certain it is not an interior wall out of square instead? It appears the flooring was laid starting with an interior wall for alignment.
  3. BTW My son is also about to retire from the Navy in a couple of years & is considering the same thing in Omaha. He is stationed at Offutt AFB in the Naval Security detachment.
  4. Also TREC (Texas Real Estate Commision), while tough, has an avenue to get a license. There are a couple of schools here that offer all the classes and ride-alongs to meet the requirements. Champion School of Real Estate is one. Good luck!
  5. I have found a lot of good training available from InterNACHI online. It is free to all and will tell you quickly if HI is a fit for you at little to no cost. I have been a member for several years. InterNACHI is the largest HI organization and offer lots of resources for training. Just Google InterNACHI.
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