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  1. It does have a check valve. When I apply power, the circuit breaker trips.
  2. Yes. I did take care to make sure the shaft was horizontal. After discovering the hot/neurtral reversal, I did run the pump on an extension cord to an outlet that was not reversed. I just thought about checking the voltage to make sure it wasn't too low, but the pump draws lesss than 2 amps I believe, so I don't think that would cause the problem. The breaker also tripped quickly. I just want to make sure if I have to buy another pump, that I don't fry this one. But if there is a way to salvage this one, I would like to know how to check.
  3. I have a circulating pump (UPS15-58FC, 3-Speed Circulator Pump, 1/25 HP, 115 volt) that I had running for a month or so off and on a timer. Later I discovered that the outlet that I had the pump running off of had a reversed hot and neutral wire. After plugging into another outlet that didn't have a reversed hot/neutral the pump seemed to start up fine. I left it for a day and tried it again and the breaker tripped. Is my pump ruined? How do I check? I verified that the pump is wired correctly, A little more detail. I discovered the above when I ran the pump on a temperature controller. The pump would come on even when the controller was off. As stated above, when I got power from an outlet without the hot/neutral reversed yesterday, the controller hit its setpoint and the pump came on. Today, the controller hit its setpoint and from the sound of it got fried. Then I tried plugging the pump directly into the outlet and tripped the breaker.
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