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  1. Hey guys... unfortunately I don't have a wider pic but I will tell you it's about halfway on the roughtly 22' header. However, if I close on the house, I will provide a better photo! I'm not sure if you would categorize it as supplemental support or not. The shims or studs are resting on a masonry pier. Thank you, Eric
  2. Hey all, I'm under contract on a house and I found the following shims in an addition that was constructed approximately 10 years ago... I didn't notice any evidence of severe settling in the addition (cracked drywall or doorjamb issues). The vertical pieces of 2x4 shim are about 4" long. Trying to get an idea of some solutions and approximate cost so I can ask for the cost from the sellers. I'm not a contractor, just a regular dude... I would assume a foundation company would need to jack it up, remove the pine shims in place, then put in steel or hardwood shims in a better configuration. Thank you very much, Eric
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