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  1. This explains why I did my own mold remediation. Cuz Imma boss.
  2. I have many many more pics and can upload today’s latest afterbi put on my coveralls and head to Home Depot. I an most concerned for support under the bathroom as it was an old addition to a Pony Express weighing station, and the house is on slab until this bath and deck were added in. Termites and water every which way.
  3. 00F877C4-98B0-48F9-9200-87CB06BE50B4.MOV I live in a rented bungalow that is family owned. Three contractors later, several thousands of dollars either wasted or stolen, I have decided that the job is never going to be done, but a girl needs a bathroom. Upon the exit of the last horses arse building (non)professional, who managed to sheetrock over his handiwork in a hurry, implore you all to see why I opened up the walls and floor to see what the hell the “new subfloor and bathroom” were actually built like, and oh, the horrors...how can I go forward? I have my plan, which does not include
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