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  1. Would I pour concrete then put the concrete Pier on that or put the pier directly on the dirt?
  2. Above this spot there is a bathroom, staircase and pantry. Nothing but joists holding it all up and the walls are solid wood with wood bead board so it's very heavy. Jim Katen would I measure the wood posts and cut them a little longer than the distance needed? To account for where I jack it up?
  3. I live in a 1940's house that has sunk and settled a lot over the years. The joists span 12 feet from sill to sill with no support in the middle. In one place there is a bathroom, pantry, and staircase that sits on these joists. The floors have sank about 1 1/2 over the 80 years it's been there. There is a lot of duct work, plumbing, ect... So running a 4*6 in this spot is near impossible. My question is what kind of piers/ pillars could I add under each joist to stop it from sinking more? Thanks in advance Brandon
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