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  1. I am a non confrontational person, That being said, I am very particular in doing things the correct way, my way or the highway kind of thing, when I know I am correct based on facts. I can see where interfering with a sale will cause issue. Not to sugar coat the repairs needed, but leaving out my personal opinion by all means and only report the facts. I have fully renovated 3 homes, I'm a hobbyist wood and metal worker. Seeing a home "to far gone" means something completely different to me. I do realize that most buyers don't think the same way. I guess I will have to learn the balance on how to approach something from both sides. Any advertising tips for how you started soliciting to realtors? Any bulk mail outs or search engine advertising? What worked best?
  2. I appreciate the responses and advice. I plan to pay close attention and ask many questions during my 30hr field training requirement. I am in the early stages of preparing a business plan, determining pricing structures and available markets for this service. Do you guys focus more on marketing to realtors in the beginning? It appears that 1-2 inspections per day is the maximum possible after reading the time listed above. Do you recommend any inexpensive software for report writing?
  3. I am beginning my journey to become a licensed home inspector . Prior to jumping in, I had a few questions related to income and outgoing expenses. In my area, I have had three home inspections from three different companies. All were $300.00- $350.00 for the service. None of which gave an hourly rate on how they based the pricing structure. How long do you spend ,on average, on your report writing? How long do you spend in an actual home of approximately 1200 sq ft?
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