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  1. Bob and Jim, Thanks for your help. Is there any documentation such as NEC or IRC that I can use to back up my claim or just use the specfic manufacturer's requirment (if available) of a separate breaker.
  2. I recently ran into an installation where in the service panel the breaker for the Oven was labeled and appeared to be compliant. After further evaluation I observed there was not a breaker for the Dryer. After evaluating the laundry area I observed the dryer was electrical which required a 30-amp breaker. The only breaker in the panel with 30-amp capacity was for the oven. By luck I happen to trip the 30-amp for the oven and to my surprise the dryer did not function. My question is does the Dryer and Oven have a requirement to be on separate breakers?
  3. Thanks Guys I really appreciate the help...I am still a little confused on some aspects but when I put a finger on it I will let you know. I am going to attach another picture about the Black TAPE...but just to advise I did not see any evidence of wire nuts on the interior of black tape area. Download Attachment: Sonia Garcia 072.jpg 63.41 KB
  4. Hello All, Sorry if this sounds stupid but I need some help...I have another question in regards to service to sub-panel installation...I am here in Texas and from what I can recall this is not right...I am in the process of researching now but just wanted to throw this out there for your viewing pleasure...Any input will be helpful. A few questions.... Is it permitted to have an previous existing service panel with wires installed and black tape around wires? Shouldn't the installation of the new panel be directly in place of the old Panel? Does this make the Service panel that was installed a sub-panel by the way it is wired? If the (Newer)Service panel is considered to be a sub-panel then does anyone know off hand if NEC or IRC allows sub-panels(Service panel) to have sub-panels? I believe the owner said during the inspection the home was like this when he bought it. Download Attachment: Sonia Garcia 023.jpg 63.12 KB Download Attachment: Sonia Garcia 081.jpg 61.17 KB Download Attachment: Sonia Garcia 076.jpg 61.92 KB Download Attachment: Sonia Garcia 080.jpg 61.99 KB
  5. No, it appeared to be from original installation of panel...I did not notice any old panel mounts or any information suggesting it was a newer panel from construction. With that being said...it does appear that this home is some type of investment property because it is owned by a company...so I can assume they do this for a living and probably try to cut corners where they can.
  6. Good point Buster....I will call the realtor right now.
  7. Thanxz Brian I will put an amendment on the report. I suggested that a licensed electrician come out to look at the home and test system as there were some outlets not functioning.
  8. I do remember seeing rated for outdoor use on the inside of the cover panel labeling, but can't recall exactly what it said.
  9. Yes it was outside. I do not know if the panel was rated for outdoor exposure. I am going to check again on my next trip to the home. I will keep you posted.
  10. Guys I really appreciate all the help and info. This is a great site. I am only in my 3rd year so I am still learning alot. dave
  11. thanxz guys...I will take your advice and run with it...I will try to check IRC before sending report...but I am comfortable enough not writing it up as well...just needed a 2nd opinion.
  12. Not to disagree but courses that I have taken in the past have stated that SEC can enter from any area of Service panel but must connect through top of main and then buss wiring should flow accordingly. I am also attaching another pic of the panel with cover in place. Download Attachment: Julius Oneal 055.jpg 79.46 KB
  13. I inspected this 1980 home over the weekend and found that the Service Panel was installed upside down. I am having a hard time trying to justify writing this up as I can't find any codes to back up my concern. Is this something the client should be aware of or am I wrong in the interpretation that the Service panel should always have the service entrance cable entering through the top of panel? Download Attachment: Julius Oneal 065.jpg 93.77 KB
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