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  1. I have an old Wesco that I think is a model 1500 BRUH. Or maybe its a #889606. 788-7209? I Can get all types of numbers but I can not locate a limit switch that I know matches the specs I should have. Or maybe all I need to know is that it's a 240v 4.9Kw? IF that is the case anyone have an idea what temp 4.9Kw is? More numbers? 7112555, epd446-417, or 138325 which is a sticker on the element rack thing. On the mount of the limit switch it has L170-2 F4V 20601L111-76 in a circular pattern so I really don't know if they mean anything but I think the part number is L170-2? I have tried Google and good ol Wesco furnaces aren't getting any love. I don't think they are in business anymore so did someone buy them out? I can cross reference a similar model? I don't think a limit switch should be hard to locate but I'm not a HVAC guru and really don't want to pay a dude dough I don't have to watch him change a part that is 2 screws, 2 electric connections and shouldn't be more then $20ish for the part. There's two racks. Top has 2 elements and the bottom has 1. Each have their own switch but the bottom one is the one that blew. I have and will clean up the furnace and yes I am aware the filter needed changed. I have spent 3 years searching for this part. It's getting cold again. I have been told to replace my furnace by every HVAC person I have spoken with. There's got to be an old school HVAC guy that knows this stuff and willing to share the secret to my limit switch search right?
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