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  1. Well the seller is refusing to remediate again or give a credit. And the guy who did the remediation work won’t honor his warranty because he said the lab results above are acceptable levels. Is that true? I didn’t think there would be an acceptable level of stachybotrous or chaetomium but I guess I could be wrong.
  2. Here are the reports, hopefully I deleted everything out. Thanks for all the insight so far! It’s true even after this is remediated I am going to be worried about my kids playing here or if it’s all truly gone. We had our current house tested and were fine with the results. But we’ve never had a finished basement so maybe I’m not used to how they still can have issues.
  3. Sorry this is NJ. Not a swamp area. I don’t even think it’s an area with known wet basement issues. There’s 2 year-old plush carpet in basement, panels all over the finished part and a dropped ceiling. So areas we couldn’t inspect too well. There was high relative humidity in the crawl space. And some effervescence on. unfinished cinder blocks. Thinking that’s probably the problem. They couldn’t really find any other source. There was some rust on the bottom of the furnace. There’s a French drain system but no sump pump.
  4. Buying a house (or not), they found some mold in the basement. This is a finished basement we were planning on using for kids playroom. Initially they found some common kinds like aspergillosis etc in moderate amount, the seller remediated and we retested. Now some more toxic kinds of mold are coming back present. “2” spores of bachysporous, “1” spore of chaetomium, and some other ones. There’s evidence of a over-humid crawl space. Can’t decide if we should take this on if it’s an ongoing problem or skip it.
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