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  1. Hey your right my bad it’s not the same exact panel I’m on the other side of the duplex with this photo , but okay makes sense the bare copper is the neutral and the equipment grounding conductor is bonded to the neutral at the meter instead of the panel
  2. I posted a pic awhile back of this panel without the cover taken off. Could someone help explain a few things for me, this is the main panel, there are two hot conductors coming in from the back and looks like a 6 gauge bare copper coming in that connects to the neutral bus. That bare copper wire I thought was the equipment grounding conductor but where’s the neutral? Is the copper wire the neutral but then we’re is there equipment grounding conductor? The bigger wire dropping straight down from the top is just to the dryer, and its a main lug only panel so no main disconnect, fewer than 6 mov
  3. Rayne

    QO panel

    Yeah your exactly right I googled main lug only panel and see what your talking about now, Will get some inside pics soon and post them, thank you
  4. Square D QO main panel, my question is the only double pole breaker is 30 amp and so where is the main disconnect, and whats the amp rating on the panel. I see at the top of the panel it says the panel is rated for 100 amps so why would there not be a 100 amp disconnect? The only 240v circuit in the home is to the dryer everything else is gas. Is it possible they didn't install a main service disconnect because you could shut every circuit off with with 6 throws, which technically you couldn't because two of those are tandem breakers and I would think a tandem breaker would be two throws, any
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