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  1. Thanks to all for the feedback! A couple added details if it makes a difference: I'm in Wisconsin, so not overly humid. Is there any big concern using flexible piping if I can't place it directly over the shower? I could move the phone/cable wires easily if I do mount the fan at the highest ceiling point, but I'd prefer the light right over the shower. The light/fan combo is rated safe for over the shower and would have a GFCI circuit. I do intend to use a timer switch. Attached is a photo of the framing so far if it helps.
  2. I am trying to determine placement for a bathroom vent as I'm finishing my basement. The bathroom is 50 sq ft. (roughly 5 1/2' x 9 1/2') with a 2-level ceiling - dividing the long dimension), half of it 7'9", but over the corner shower it is 7'0" because I needed to build a soffit around my waste water pipes for the house. The options I'm considering: First, I bought a Panasonic recessed light fan I wanted to install directly over the center of the shower https://smile.amazon.com/Panasonic-FV-08VRE2-Ventilation-Fan-Recessed/dp/B01N7L3FDR/ But will that cause too much steam to float up to the higher ceiling height and get "stuck"? In this scenario, I can use 4" aluminum snap lock pipe for 16 feet until I use an elbow to vent outside. Second option, should I place my bath fan at the highest part of the ceiling to pull the humidity? (If I do, I will need to use flexible piping to exhaust it to the outside to get around other obstructions.) Third, a suggestion I got during a drywall estimate (not an HVAC guy), recommended I install a wall-mount vent fan and use rigid aluminum pipe. Which would you suggest? Or is there a better option I'm not thinking of?
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