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  1. @Marc - You said, " lack of ventilation" that maybe my problem. The image attached is my closet doors. The doors are hallow. I think the doors are made out of pine. They're not your typical Florida louvered wood plantation doors. I should probably look into changing my doors to louvered doors. @Jim - Currently, the clothes in my closet don't seem to have an odor, or I'm just used to it and it gets stronger once they've been packed in a suitcase. The suitcase Does Not have an odor. I've tried the suitcase in the sun. I've even washed & drying my clothes before a trip and stil
  2. @Marc - the humidity in my home runs between 43% - 47%. Today it's at 45% @Jim - I've tried putting the suitcase in the sun, does not work for me. Its already in clothes.
  3. Good Morning Marc. Thanks for responding. Funny, you said I probably have exceptional filtration in my home. That, I do not have. I'm dealing with a musty/mildew smell in home for years now. Well, at least I think it is. Example... When I pack fresh clean clothes for a trip and as soon as I open my suitcase, I get this musty/mildew smell. I've tried everything. I just had a mold inspector here testing my home and found mold in the closet behind the water heater thats located underneath my AC unit located in a small closet. I live in a condo, East coast / S. Florida. Had
  4. Did a home mold test with Mold Armor. I did one petri dish in my kitchen with the a/c blowing on it for 10 min and did the same thing in my bedroom. I incubated it for 96 hours and got something from the kitchen, but not the bedroom. (See images). Is it mold, mildew, or a fungus? And, most of all, should I be worried? Thanks. Looking forward to your answer. Scott
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