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  1. Here is what our requirements are : "An Illinois-licensed home inspector is required to complete 12 hours of state-approved Continuing Education that must be completed during each 2-year renewal cycle. A minimum of 6 hours (3 for first renewal) of Continuing Education must be designated as mandatory courses". I do have a hearing in September coming up, but an IDFPR attorney has "offered" me a fine to settle for $500 to avoid the hearing. But as of now my license is valid pending the outcome.
  2. We need 12, but 3 have to be state approved mandatory. I had 12 non mandatory ( I found out after the deadline) Since then I did a 4 hour mandatory class which put me at 16. But now the $500 is my late fee. Maybe you're right, but I only do inspections on the weekend part-time, and $500 for 3 late credits which I do have now, seems like something that can be waived.
  3. My first CEU renewal I did 16 non-mandatory CEUs, I was unaware that in Illinois 3 were mandatory. I was contacted by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation when I renewed. I have since taken the 3 required mandatory credits, but now they are late. Now the IDFPR has “offered me to pay $500 for the late credits” or request a trial. Have any of you dealt with this issue? Should I request a trial or just pay? What are my chances of having this fine reduced or dropped? $500 seems awfully steep for 3 credits.
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