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  1. Got you. Thank you for providing guidance and suggestion when I was totally lost. So helpful! Haha, I imagine curvalarias was crying on the corner of the wall and didn't know why she/he suddenly becomes a target.
  2. Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge. Very appreciate it.
  3. Hi Bill, Thank you for confirming Jim's reply. I was totally lost and very stuggle. It is one of my biggest investment ever or might be in my life. Might be worry too much.
  4. Hi Jim, Thank you so much for your information! I truely know nothing about house or mold and that's why I hired home inspector and that's also why I ask question here. Thank you again for your reply! I did a mold inspection is because mold is found under the bathroom sink and seller says there was a minor leaking issue and claims it was fixed. That's how everything began. They have removed the sink as the treatment. I retest just to ensure mold has been cleaned up since I know nothing about mold. But now the result after treatment is not as dramatically drop as I expect. Inspector
  5. I am in the middle of purchasing a house. Idea location and very desirable community. Everything is good until I did a mold inspection and was advised by my home inspector that there was a minor mold issue. 300/m3 Curvularia spores were found in the basement air sample while there were zero curvularia found in the control sample (which is outside of the house). The report abled it "slightly elevated." Our inspector still called it out. We asked the seller to remedy this. So mold remedy company came in and treated. After treatment, we ran another test. And now, the result is 200/m3 cur
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