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  1. Hi guys , still working on a way to make the Inspectors gig work, in the mean time, studying what i can, and trying to look at any properties i deal with at work through the eyes of an inspector. Yesterday while in a 1400sf office condo we own and have leased out, i noticed an interesting plumbing modification the tenant has done. This space has 4 offices, 2 with small hand sinks, we had them installed for a old Dr tenant 10 years ago, professionally installed, all permits pulled. All drain and supply lines are copper, i seem to remember the plumber back when we did it, said it ha
  2. What I really see happening, is my current job will end in a year or 2 or 3, So getting licensed, and experienced for a new job while getting paid at the old one is the true goal I guess.
  3. Thanks everyone, the beauty of my situation will be, that i will use the inspection business as a way to bring in more revenue to my bosses company, we have always operated under the simple premise "to increase revenue, we must reduce costs and or increase what comes in", Any way we can. He is on board with me learning and doing a new task, like inspections, whether it focuses on commercial or residential will work itself out, while doing my present job and still getting paid if it can increase profit. In realty i need no money from the inspection business to live, it just needs to
  4. Thanks Marc, appreciate the info. You would think it’s a conflict of interest if realtors are recommending inspectors, unless it’s a buyers agent. I have also been fairly involved with residential properties, mostly with repair and renovation....and I watch a lot of this old house...😂 j/k
  5. Hello everyone, thank you for this fantastic forum, it’s a great resource for us aspiring home inspectors. I have been lurking for a while, and am now saying hi as I get serious about becoming a licensed home inspector. A little about me, my name is Paul Ferrari, I live in Billerica Ma, I have worked for the same company for 35 years, we are a small commercial real estate company, our main focus for many years was the petroleum and convenience store industry. Owning, managing, renovating, repairing and rebuilding properties. Along with those, we acquired other properties as well,
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