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  1. Thanks for reply Bill. We have addressed outside issues with redirecting water on outside of home. I don't have any water coming in. We just have certain areas with a damp look around edges and small cracks in floor with moisture on it. I'm understanding that this is hydrostatic pressure and putting in the French drain was to eliminate this and help protect our investment of finishing basement. Is there any other solutions to this problem so we can finish basement?
  2. I live in Indiana and have a basement we would like to finish. The first step in doing this was to jackhammer concrete around perimeter and install interior French drain. Started this last night to find out I don't have a footing under the foundation. The basement walls are cinderblock foundation that sits on mainly clay soil. Can I still install French drain at bottom of foundation wall without having a footer? If I trench all around perimeter and not disturb soil under foundation wall will I still have to worry about losing strength in holding up wall? I clearly need something because over n
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