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  1. Hi Jim. It makes sense that I make no sense. I’m still learning about things I hoped to never know anything about. That is why I am here. Trying to figure out where to go next as this is not my wheelhouse. Clearly. boiler is gas house built in 20’s 4 ppl in house. Only one other has milder symptoms and a separate family member (does not live there) has gotten a rash twice after being in there. But who knows from what. had not considered blood test. What am I looking for?
  2. June-July- prior to sale septic system was worked on due to the kitchen sink and laundry running into a cesspool in the lawn. Health dept made them tie these into the existing septic prior to closing. This was done by running a separate line into the existing septic. Passed the title 5 inspection. Happy to send that if needed. August-September- moved in and started noticing strong odors mostly at night/or after running the laundry. Continually got worse. Tried putting automatic vents on laundry and kitchen sink as they were not vented properly and suction from new septic line was pulling t
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