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  1. Hi Jim. It makes sense that I make no sense. I’m still learning about things I hoped to never know anything about. That is why I am here. Trying to figure out where to go next as this is not my wheelhouse. Clearly. boiler is gas house built in 20’s 4 ppl in house. Only one other has milder symptoms and a separate family member (does not live there) has gotten a rash twice after being in there. But who knows from what. had not considered blood test. What am I looking for?
  2. June-July- prior to sale septic system was worked on due to the kitchen sink and laundry running into a cesspool in the lawn. Health dept made them tie these into the existing septic prior to closing. This was done by running a separate line into the existing septic. Passed the title 5 inspection. Happy to send that if needed. August-September- moved in and started noticing strong odors mostly at night/or after running the laundry. Continually got worse. Tried putting automatic vents on laundry and kitchen sink as they were not vented properly and suction from new septic line was pulling traps dry. Still getting odors so opened walls and found open vent stack. October-January- re-did all plumbing in the house. Gutted the kitchen, bathroom and second floor half bath. Raised the vent stack to higher on the roof as before it was below the skylight and soffits. Replaced boiler due to issues with zoning done by previous owner and carbon monoxide leaking. January- March- moved back in and still getting headaches and burning feeling in my nose. Had IAQ assessment done and found high levels of VOC’s along the front wall of the house starting in the basement and moving up to the living room and above into the bedroom. Also found high levels of carbon dioxide throughout the house. Both we were told were double what is recommended for schools. Carbon monoxide was very small. Lab results emailed. To remédiate VOC’s we exhausted air from the basement while removing any visible insulation from the front wall and any other areas of the basement. Sealed the crawl space with access to the septic with plastic and sealed all wood and concrete with mexeseal and hard seal from green building supply. Also exhausted air from living room along the front wall. Also took the air intake from the boiler which was previously drawing air from inside the basement and tried moving it outside. We also scrubbed and vacuumed radiators and woodstove in living room where odors and headaches are the worst. Still getting headaches and nausea, mainly in living room. Had a family member get a rash on neck twice after having been in the living room. Sometimes smelling sewer gasses and what smells like the exhaust from the boiler, especially on cold nights all throughout the house.
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