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  1. Thank you Jim Katen. I appreciate the vote of confidence that the porch is fine as-is.
  2. I’m sorry you feel that way Jim. I am not a flipper and I certainly don’t have an MBA. I am a single female who provides computer support for a software company. This is my home, a place where I am working very hard to find contractors who do quality work to fix it up for me and my Mother, who I care and provide for. Yes I am not a licensed contractor; I didn’t claim to be one. It is a true statement that a contractor I met with made those statements to me. It is true I learned it is in my best interest to try understand the code, to the extent I can. FWIW, I started with a single contractor
  3. Thank you for the quick response Marc. You are (of course) correct about the height to the thread hold. I was thinking about my basement where I was dinged for 311.3.1 “Landings or finished floors at the required egress door shall be not more than 11/2 inches (38 mm) lower than the top of the threshold. Exception: The landing or floor on the exterior side shall be not more than 73/4 inches (196 mm) below the top of the threshold provided that the door does not swing over the landing or floor.” My problem there was on the inside not the out. I would appreciate your thoughts on another
  4. Hi. I have a ranch built in 1972 in NC that has a 10x6 porch projecting off the front. This porch landing is 38" above ground on one side and about 52" on the other. It has never had a rail, but I will need to do one now that I am about to complete a remodel on the interior. Challenges I have are that the landing is about 3" below the new main egress door. To address this I plan to lay sleepers and install a nice composite over the well-seated tile surface. I will also be replacing the old brick stairs and installing decorative railing and a handrail. As we are planning this work, my contracto
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