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  1. Thanks for the input folks ... that's exactly what I informed the client it was. His main concern was if anything might develop from it in the future. Since it was new construction, I went over some of the issues he might experience as the house settles a little along the way such as hairline cracks around doorframes or such. I explained the framing issues and what I felt may have happened. Being new at this, I appreciate the confidence you folks provide when you give your input. That's why I think this board is so great. Thanks again.
  2. While inspecting a new home yesterday, I found this curve in the wall in an upstairs bedroom above the garage. The wall has a noticable curve where the rear wall and the side wall join. Since I can't see behind the drywall, is there an opportunity for movement and cracking as the new house settles? I also found this bow in the hallway in the middle of the wall near the smoke detector. It extends from floor to ceiling. Same type of issues? How would you write it up in a report? Thanks in advance. Download Attachment: bedroom.jpg 12.62 KB Download Attachment: hallway.jpg 7.48 KB
  3. I've been searching, trying to identify the age of this unit in a condo. The Janitrol outside unit appears to be older than the inside, but I haven't been able to determine it yet. Any help would be appreciated. The model and serials are as follows: Outside: Model # CPKE24-1AB Serial # 0001529449 Inside: Model # ARUF024-00A-1A Serial # 0411588706
  4. StevenT Definitely moisture damaged. There is evidence of moisture on the ceilings and walls inside the house. I believe I included over 25 photos of stains that indicated active and/or past issues. The buyer told me "the owner says she was going to repaint the ceilings and walls". I'll bet she was.
  5. I found these in the 1983 house I inspected Thursday. The panel is located in the Master Bathroom downstairs. I couldn't take the cover off, because the newly painted wall had paint up over the edges of the cover and when I tried to remove it, you could see where the paint would peel away. Inaccessible. I explained in my report the NEC standards since 1993 and recommended and electrical contractor look at it. The other picture is from the crawlspace and all of the wiring and gas lines coming through a very ragged hole. I recommended them having an electrical contractor look at it and evaluate.
  6. I found this under the house I inspected Thursday during my crawling around. I was fully suited (coveralls, gloves, respirator, hardhat, etc.)and was glad I was. When I came out, the agent was talking to a neighbor who was saying "... the lady has been looking for her cat for a long time, it must have run off". I looked over as I was getting out of my coveralls and said "I think she can quit looking. I think I found it" and went on to explain. I don't know if they let her know or not. Download Attachment: IMG_0699b.jpg 48.27 KB
  7. This was on the back of the house I inspected Thursday. I gave the report and pictures to my client, recommending a roofing contractor to redo this section. My client called me Friday and said the owner told her "my brother-in-law is a contractor and he says the roof is okay and will last awhile the way it is. The shingles are in good shape." I counseled my client that the roof is not okay and is in serious condition under the shingles. My client informed me she was going to get the contractor I recommended to look at it. Download Attachment: IMG_0673b.jpg 45.99 KB Download Attachmen
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