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  1. I don't like to rely on luck 😬 Is this construction against code? Or is a vapor barrier not "required" because of the full stone veneer (as apposed to thin stone veneer)? Thanks for any and all insights.
  2. We removed a window on a home as part of a remodel and were surprised to find there is no vapor barrier between the masonry work and the OSB sheathing. The home was built in early 2000s in Dallas, TX with a full stone veneer, so it’s about 5-6” thick Austin stone. How did this ever pass a building inspection? I guess it had to, but I am surprised there is no vapor barrier behind this stone. From what I can tell there is no mold on the visible sheathing. In the photo the green board and black tape are covering the opening left by the window. The original OSB is visible behind the stone.
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