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  1. Kurt, House is from 1830. Field stone foundation. That's why I assume no footer was installed. French drain installed around perimeter, couldn't tell how deep but the floor was removed and patched over about a foot wide.
  2. "In the basement, a perimeter drainage system has been installed around the foundation wall to control water penetration. On a home this age, there is typically no supporting footer under the foundation wall. Installing a perimeter drain can potentially undermine the foundation walls and cause substantial movement / displacement. Have a reputable foundation contractor or structural engineer evaluate and provide repair options to prevent any potential damage. " Katenize me please! thanks in advance
  3. Won't the exhaust begin to corrode the fan over time if its that close?
  4. Anybody have any references that state how far the exterior fan has to be from an exhaust vent? This just looks wrong to me. That's the water heater exhaust vent right next to the fan. Click to Enlarge 35.1 KB
  5. Anyone have a good chimney guy near New Jersey?
  6. Two out of the three flues were closed off, but I just cant figure out what they did structurally in the attic. Looks like a mess to me. Curious what the, more experienced, brethren have to say Click to Enlarge 66.28 KB Click to Enlarge 38.82 KB
  7. I'm thinking I should start with the attic before climbing roofs now. Don't know how I didn't fall through here. Click to Enlarge 44.3 KB
  8. I have come across this problem again and now getting feedback from the builder that I'm wrong, that the clearance is only 12" from meter. Can somebody provide the exact code for this ??
  9. Definitely dumping my ultra stinger streamlight, but when comparing to the fenix, the tk45 looks very bulky. Chad, does it fit in a tool belt or is it too big/heavy for that?
  10. Little pricey, but 800 lumens?? Probably too bright for everything but the crawlspace? http://www.ohgizmo.com/2011/06/28/suref ... -invictus/
  11. I asked the owner if the electrician even opened up the panel. He said "Yup, stared at it for quite some time and couldn't find anything wrong". I then proceeded to show him what was wrong and advised that him that he should find another electrician.
  12. At a recent re-inspection I was surprised to see that this panel had been unchanged. Then the owner handed me a receipt from a licensed electrician stating that this panel is safe per the NEC. Am I missing something? Click to Enlarge 59.28 KB Click to Enlarge 45.04 KB
  13. Thanks for all the responses, much appreciated. I have gotten several loyal agents who have watched me work and give me business, even though they know i'm a thorough and picky sob. The clients arent bad, its just the parents, and friends that eventually throw me off track. I take pictures as all my notes and occasionally i'll sit down to write the report and cant believe that I didnt snap one of something, likely from distraction. I'll take the advice and run with it, thank you all
  14. Getting a bit frustrated lately with all the family and fathers and aunts and cousins' who are contractors that tag along at the inspection. Last one there was almost 10 people coming and going that I had to explain things to over and over. Just a bit distracting!! Thinking about adding something in the email I send with my contract. Does anybody do this? What to say? "In an attempt to give you the best inspection possible, please refrain from bringing additional family members" ??
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