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  1. Ultimately, my wife and her attorney found a third party that was willing to write up a report which stated that immunocompromised individuals *might* potentially get sick if in the house, and my wife's attorney used that to claim that the house is unsafe. So I called that same third party, gave them the same test numbers, and they assured me over the phone that those numbers were perfectly safe and acceptable. I asked for a report stating this, and they agreed to write one and charged me $50...then they figured out that this report was in reference to the same house they wrote my wife's report about, and I have yet to receive anything in writing from them...my attorney has told me to hold off on pursuing this...
  2. I am in the middle of a contentious divorce. We have a four-year-old daughter. Ten years ago we lived in a rented condo that, it turns out, had black mold in the basement. While we lived there, my wife developed many new food and airborne allergies. Since those allergies have not subsided, she has a paranoia and a belief that our current home has mold in the basement, and is using that excuse to keep me from having my custody of my daughter at my home. We had an IAQ test done, which yielded numbers of about 200 in the basement, and about 1000 in the living room. (The control, the outdoors test, yielded a reading of 9000). Despite this proof that my house is safe, and the fact that my daughter and I have never been sick in the house (other than your typical illnesses caught in daycare, at work, etc.), my wife and her attorney are insisting my house isn't safe and my daughter shouldn't be there. I cannot find an agency or entity that will provide concrete proof that the readings in my home are safe in written form. Plenty have told me the home is safe over the phone, but no one seems willing to put it in writing, nor can I find any useful guidance online. Any ideas?
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