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  1. Jim, I agree, verbal discussions are the best and I perfer that approach, but I still need to right a report and many clients choose not to be present during the inspection, else unable (a relocate). Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but stating that minor defects are not reported sounds too simple. The clients definition of 'minor defects' is likely different than mine. ...and it implies that you choose not to disclose items that the client may deam important. It's needs to read that, if they were not noted, it's because they were not seen. ...see where I'm going? Maybe it does suck, but that's why I'm asking for input. Saying it sucks doesn't help. Nonetheless, thanks for the input Jerry. - Haubeil
  2. LOL!!!! ...I'm trying to be a little more professional than that. Yeah, stating the obvious should make since, but if it were as easy as preaching to the chior, them we wouldn't be in business. - Haubeil
  3. I've been call on the carpet from some anal retentive clients asking why I didn't note ALL the small damaged pieces of wood, whether it be on the soffit, fasica, bottom of entrance and garage door frames, etc. I try to explain to them that I only inspect what I see and will not put myself in harms way to inspect boards out-of-reach, hidden by objects or nicely painted over. ...but I note that. ...still I'm asked! Since, I've been trying to develop a statement that be my CYA. Yes, they ALL sign the standard agreement, but not all read it. I was wanting to get your feedback and/or comments. ...please feel free to rewrite it!!!!!!!!! I state: "NOTE: The importance of maintenance to the exterior wood. The wood can be highly susceptible to moisture, thus will require efforts to maintain. This inspection was not intrusive, so not all boards were individually inspected; only visually from an adequate amount of safe view angles. Recommend the appropriate efforts to maintenance and plan periodic inspections to avoid further damage or decay." Thanks in advance, Haubeil
  4. I know this has been discussed, but I can't find what I'm looking for...so I apologize in advance for possibly beating a dead horse!! What is the best attic ventilation methods or design? ...ridge & soffit, gable & soffit, gable, roof & soffit, forced fans, etc? Can an attic be TOO ventilated... and is that just as bad as not enough? Is the 1/300 rule for the attic area or the surface area of the roof? Do the principles apply for all types of roof coverings (i.e., metal, slate, shaker, asphalt, etc? Thanks, Jeff
  5. I had the most interesting request from a potential client...asking that they want to make sure the house they'll be buying was never a 'meth lab.' How can an inspector tell for sure? Regardless, any negatively impacting safety concerns from buying a prior meth lab? Thanks, Haubeil
  6. I thought I understood the physics behind it, until I seen several heat pump units operating during our recent COLD spell(<5 degrees). ...now I second guess it. I need to look for some causal reading material ! - Haubeil
  7. I've read related forums and comment here on TIJ stating the exterior temperature was too cold to test an air conditioner unit. ...why? What exterior ambient temperature is the cut-off for acceptable testing? ...is there a default comment to use? I always heard the differential for air conditioner & heat pump units was ~30 degress. ...hence a heat pump's heat funciton is not efficient in the colder climate. Although, I've seen some heat pumps running while the exterior temperature was ~5 degrees. Is the ~30 differential a myth? ...because at 5 degrees, that would only generate 35 degree heat! Thanks in advance, Haubeil
  8. I was not aware that a ridge and gable vent combination was bad...or let say, does not provide adaquate ventilation. Is there a publication that lists all the variations ventilation combinations and scenarios...and the respective pros & cons? Thanks, Haubeil
  9. ...and the size of the bathrooms!!! I could not get to the sink area, in photo 153. This will be a most interesting report!!! [:-crazy] - Haubeil Download Attachment: Picture 153.jpg 65.35 KB Download Attachment: Picture 112.jpg 34.53 KB
  10. Okay, maybe it's just fine...but I don't see how. This is the biggest one-off home ever...with too many do-it-yourself'er additions to mention; some of which should not work, but have for ~50 years. Check out the plumbing below the sink. ...and all the sinks/showers/tubs/washers drain down over the hill and not into the septic tank. - Haubeil Download Attachment: Picture 051.jpg 71.54 KB
  11. Did any manufacture ever make 'tongue and grove' exterior redwood siding? ...more specifically during the mid 1950's, when this home was built (southern Ohio). The buyer must have found a special on T'n'G redwood boards, because it's everywhere, both inside and out. Is it possible the redwood was not designed for the exterior? Apparently it worked as exterior siding for ~50 years, but the attached #41 illustrates the existing condition. The new buyers are asking if it should be replaced. I'm not knowledgable on this siding to answer with confidence. Can they salavage the existing wood or should it be replaced? ...or where should they turn for advice. Thanks in advance, Jeff Download Attachment: Picture 041.jpg 58.31 KB Download Attachment: Picture 109.jpg 39.58 KB Download Attachment: Picture 037.jpg 68.38 KB
  12. Mike, ...you're GOOD!!! The roof was once covered with cedar shingles!!! I'm impressed! ...my client is going to think I'm a smart man!! [] THANKS, Haubeil
  13. Hmmm.... I never thought about that. Here's another photo of the same general area...it does look a little crispy! - Haubeil Download Attachment: Picture 122.jpg 41.8 KB
  14. Hey folks, this may be a dumb question or a question recently asked or discussed, if so I truly apologize...but can you tell me what causes OLD attic boards to become black (shown in below photo)! It looks wet, but it's not...just glossy black. Thanks in advance, Haubeil Download Attachment: Picture 124.jpg 58.53 KB
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