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  1. That's for darn sure. I worked hours and hours on this stupid paper. It kept getting worse. I decided to post it, get responses and peer review and get away from it for a week or so. Its direction is weak. I have to work on that. I guess I have to definitively decide what I want to say and to whom. My bigest problem was that there was so much to say about the document and its abuse of language. Arlene
  2. Is that what happened in MA? And the MA board is so proud of its laws. Arlene
  3. I've written an article criticizing a mold remediation contract and I humbly submit it to you for your review. http://www.octoberhome.com/articles/mrs ... tract.html I have Michael's permission to post this and I've chosen "The Written Word" because this article has more to do with language than anything else. Arlene
  4. Hello, I've created a webpage with Spanish translations of home inspection report writing phrases and words. I haven't publicized it yet. I would like it to undergo Peer Review first. What do you think? http://www.octoberhome.com/span/spanish.html Thank you, Arlene Arlene Puentes October Home Inspections www.octoberhome.com
  5. I've been a user for a couple of years. If you want to talk to me about it. I'll talk. What do you want to know? Arlene www.octoberhome.com
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