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  1. The most bang for the buck. Rank Search Engine Volume 1. www.google.com 65.98% 2. search.yahoo.com 20.88% 3. search.msn.com 5.33% 4. www.ask.com 4.14% http://www.hitwise.com/datacenter/searc ... alysis.php (URL corrected - thanks)
  2. Informative site for about energy saving tips... flash tour. https://www.energystar.gov/index.cfm?fuseaction=popuptool.atHome
  3. Les, Any who sends in their money can join ASHI without even taking a test. They are counted as ASHI members. Certified members is the higher level. I understand "ASHI speak". All I am saying is that all associations have their share of wanna bees.
  4. Darren, There people from all the associations who have never done an inspection. Be careful throwing a stone when you live in a glass house. Does that make all associations bad? Lets not start a p*ssing match about which association is better. Please.
  5. $1000 E&O Insurance Posted At NACHI forum.
  6. I feel that each inspector who stops working for the local realtor will take a huge leap forward in the steps of becoming a better inspector. Follow the money. As long as 80% of the inspection are referred by realtors and inspectors keep writing reports to make them happy, our industry will always be second class. I do not solicit realtors.
  7. I want to thank Mr Gromicko for what he has done to unite so many inspectors.
  8. It seems that we have two conflicting tales of how people responded to Mr Gromicko. I really get tired of people saying we should act professionally and then spending so much time mocking Mr Gromicko with slanted news.
  9. Just found this on activerain.com It seems to paint another picture of Mr Gromicko and the ASTM meeting. *************************************************************** http://activerain.com/blogsview/218042/ ... ng-details ASTM Meeting details This is a breakdown of what happened at the ASTM meeting. Well, the motion to initiate an ASTM standard for home inspectors was defeated by a vote of about 109 to 53 (it was hard to hear the exact vote results through the applause). There were three abstentions, one was the NAR representative. The meeting started on time with a little o
  10. I believe you have forgotten that after my response to your attempts to hijack my blog at activrain.com, you started a blog to pick up the same bashing of me and Mr Gromicko. They made you delete that blog, remember? If you want to help me, and you seem so nice at this time, please refrain from posting skewed parts of email conversations, as the moderator of this forum has informed you. And... you can help me by not coming behind my post and asking me if my post are real facts or not, knowing full well that you are attempting to cast doubt on something you have not verified.
  11. Not everything printed on paper has a duplicate posted on the internet. To imply that it was never published, when you can see a picture of the finished product is really grasping for straws. Mr Gromicko seems to provoke unfounded speculation.
  12. My thanks to the moderator of this forum for deleting a misrepresentation. They had to do this at the last place Scott attacked me. I'm not surprised anymore. Mr. McKenna, I didn't delete anything because of misrepresentations. I deleted material from both you and Mr. Patterson because it dealt with religion and the posting of private e-mail communications. - Jim Katen Because I know both side of what was posted by Scott, I can say it was a misrepresentation. I understand that you do not know the full content. Your policy of deleting personal emails is understood and ac
  13. Tip #29 in Consumer Report's new guide recommends hiring a NACHI inspector exclusively and to find one at nachi.org You will have to talk to Consumer Report if you have an issue with their publication and their choice to print a recommendation for NACHI home inspectors. As to your non Christian attitude of judging me because of the stated text in the Consumer Report publication, I will pray that you will one day get saved. It is kind of funny that when you do a search on the Consumer Reports website for NACHI that it says "No results found". This says that it is from the edito
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