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  1. In the picture it looks like a Meyers hub with typical Nema 1 locknut between the hub and a rigid threadless connector. If the conduit entering the hub is theaded,then it is not protected from moisture hence the word {threadless},but we don't know that the conduit is threaded or not. Now we have the problem of a Nema 1 locknut, this should have been a sealing locknut, if any at all. It has been my experience that if there is a hole water will find it. Frank
  2. I also look at wire management as far as workmanship and alot of times if the insulation is brittle [ not only from age ] but from heat also. Frank
  3. I can tell you when not to walk in a house and that's when you walk thru the front door and the smell of dog crap and urine is so strong that it makes your eyes water and you can't help but gag. You don't have to be mystical to no that. Frank
  4. Thanks fella's I got to this site through the Homegauge site. I think this is going to be a good one. Talk to yall later. Frank
  5. My bad Brian, I went back and changed my profile my name is Frank Dwain Kimbel, my granddad used to call me Frankie Boy when I was a kid, and it's stuck with me.
  6. Frankie Boy here. Just wanted to say hi fella's, and look foward to reading , and exchanging knowledge. Frank
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