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  1. This site is a God send, all you guys are great. Thanks for all your comments.
  2. It seems we have a real debate going on.
  3. It is practly brand new 2 years old..... all penatrations are as such.
  4. I did notice that all the homes in the area was exactly the same if that helps. So its 2 to 1 aganist..........
  5. Bryant16e


    Is it acceptible to cover flashing with roof shingles? Click to View 107.62 KB
  6. Thanks guys your always a great help...
  7. Happy New Year Quick question for any siding experts out there. Should I see any exposed nail head going through vinyl siding. I only see it on the very top piece along the sides of the home. I dont think its right any input would be great....... Thanks
  8. I would like to thank of you guys for your comments. You have been such a great help. I love this site, all you guys are a godsend... Thanks
  9. Whats the proper term for what was done here? Image Insert: 200.38 KB
  10. Thanks I took over 100 pics at this place. Its scary my worst so far. Just trying to cover my ass with this one....
  11. In the first photo the trim boards were comming apart from the home. The I was just wondering if anything caused the paint to peal like that. Should I be looking for a cause? Sad to say, they are getting to be more frequent every month....
  12. First of all I would like to, say hello to all its been a while. Second I would like to apologize for talking shop in this forum. The issues cover a wide range of things so I thought I would put it in one. Forum instead of several.... I've been doing pretty good for my first year on the job until now.......... The house I was at yesterday was built in 1962. I would like you guys to take a look at some of my pics and give me your take on things are they as grim as they appear. Image Insert: 136.15 KB Image Insert: 220.66 KB Image Insert: 223.97 KB Image Insert: 385.4 KB Image Insert: 167.82 KB Image Insert: 243.33 KB Image Insert: 508.34 KBe Insert:[/b] 263.94 KB I will stop there is does go on.... Any feed back would be great
  13. I gotcha thanks so much for the feed back.
  14. Come on guys I know someone has something..........
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